Our Mission

Maloekah was created with boldness, fun and sustainability in mind. We aim to reduce our environmental impact and raise awareness to generate progress towards change. We are proactively leading a downtrend in fast fashion by using a new generation of fabrics to better our planet's future, all while soaking in some sun and educating others in the simple ways we can reduce our impact. Progress over perfection!

More sensibility, sustainability and respect for the future.

Product. People. Planet. Progress.

Giving Back

We match and donate 2% of every item purchased to the ROLE foundation. ROLE runs a zero waste facility and environmental development programs. It's vision supports zero waste to oceans, sustainable businesses and women's business education and development.


Our shipping bags are made from plants and are non-toxic - 100% compostable packaging. Add them to your compost with your food scraps and garden waste. Here today, gone in a few. If your don't have a compost, there is no better time than NOW! Feel free to reach our to us via Instagram if you need to know where to begin. We would love to help out!

We personally inspect each item before shipping. We add tags, hygiene liners and wrap each piece with biodegradable tissue paper and finish it off by adding a biodegradable Kraft paper sticker.

Every piece is packaged with love and an immense amount of thanks!!

Thank You! 

From the entire Maloekah family, thank you for your support and patience as we navigate through this dream, learning and growing together to do better!